"... so they understand who makes the music"

"Real Music Comes From Musicians" sm is an educational / awareness program sponsored by The American Jazz Institute.

Conceived by Stephanie O'Keefe, a professional musician working in Los Angeles, the program is in response to the increasing use of electronically generated music, particularly in genres and venues in which live music was once a very important factor.

As O'Keefe explains, “We have two generations who have grown up thinking that music comes out of boxes, and have never heard, for instance, the sound of a clarinet coming from a real clarinet. I think it's very important to educate the public about our profession, so they understand who makes the music.”


The T Shirt Project

The first step of Real Music Comes From Musicians sm is simply to inject the service marked phrase, itself, into the environment, provoking interest and awareness of musicians as the actual source of music.

And what could be more appropriate and effective to achieve this goal than the use of human billboards? To that end, our logo, hand drawn by prominent musician Gary Foster, has been printed on high quality T-shirts. The shirts are now available through our website.  Click HERE for more info.



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